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Making relevant academic content accessible to IVF professionals

Key sources of academic content for many physicians in field of IVF are academic journals which specialize in the field of fertility and IVF such as Fertility and Sterility and Human Reproduction.

Finding relevant content in boarder academic publications is difficult and requires time and effort. Journals such as the NEJM, Science, Nature, Lancet, Plus One, and others, publish high quality papers in the field of infertility however in many cases this content is overlooked by IVF professionals.

We aim to change that by creating the IVF Reproductive Medical Text Aggregator which will provide professionals with easy access to important academic material in the field.

Select journal:

NEJM Publications available: 20
Science Publications available: 13
Nature Publications available: 30
The Lancet Publications available: 16
Cell Publications available: 12
BMJ Publications available: 6
PLos One Publications available: 11
Endocrinology Publications available: 5
JAMA Internal Medicine Publications available: 3
Molecular Endocrinology Publications available: 5
Other Medical Journals Publications available: 13
IVF-Worldwide Publications Publications available: 18

Latest Publications:

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